Cherry Blossom Wedding – Villa Amato, March 2013

As the Wedding Design Consultant for Greenscape, Norma was one of the most wonderful brides I have had the pleasure of working with. She came to our consultation with a few ideas but mostly with an open mind. The one request Norma had was that she wanted cherry blossoms — and lots of them! As we walked around the warehouse several other items and ideas spoke to her and I worked to incorporate all the elements that she fell in love with into the overall vision of the wedding. The end result was a complete transformation of the ballroom at the Villa Amato.



Each and every guest had the opportunity to walk through an enchanting and breath-taking 8′ cherry blossom aisle. This experience set the scene for the additional cherry blossom trees and accents throughout the room.

Greenscape Design Cherry blossom Entrance Arch Wedding Decor Vancouver


The head table, flanked with cherry blossoms, had a sheer and crystal curtain backdrop lit with iridescent pearl hued lighting (mixtures of subtle pinks, blues, greens and white).

Greenscape Design Head Table Wedding Backdrop Cherry Blossoms Crystal Curtain



The cake and gift card table was set in a woodsy corner with a birch panel backdrop flanked by weeping willows and oak trees;  lit with shimmer lights that gave the sense that sunlight was shining through the leaves. The cake which we had decorated matched the cherry blossom theme of the wedding as well.

Greenscape Design Cherry Blossom Cake Greenscape Woodland Birch BackdroP Vancouver Wedding



Once Norma set her eyes on our First Nations Canoe, she knew she wanted to include it in her wedding décor. I incorporated it into the buffet and fittingly it held seafood. Set against a tropical plant vignette (an inside joke for her family members) glowing with tones of amber, red and hues of green,˚ it truly managed to complete the buffet area.

Greenscape First Nations Canoe Buffet Greenscape First Nations Canoe


The stage was flanked with the majority of the cherry blossom trees and was lit with the same iridescent light. This resulted in a beautiful array of shadows shades on ceiling that could be seen from across the room.

Greenscape Design Cherry Blossoms Wedding Stage Decor


The balcony railing was dressed with cherry blossoms. Real cherry blossom branches were attached to the railing and then adorned with cherry blossom sprays that were horizontally lit to create a slight ombre effect. Lanterns and pink carnation flower balls from the ceremony decorated the exterior tables.

Greenscape Design Cherry Blossom Balcony Greenscape Design Lanterns and Carnation balls

If you are looking for some unique décor ideas for your special day, email me for a complimentary consultation at your venue, favorite coffee shop, or our office!

Greenscape Design Cherry blossom Archway Norma and James Wedding Vancouver