Florals Inventory

Azalea Bush Pink - Greenscape Azalea Bush, Pink
Bird of Paradise Burgundy - Greenscape Bird of Paradise, Burgundy
Bougainvillea Bush Pink -Greenscape Bougainvillea Bush, Pink
Casket Spray Casket Spray
Cymbidium Orchid Lime Green -Greenscape.jpg Cymbidium Orchid, Lime Green
Daisy Bush White - Greenscape Daisy Bush, White
Daisy Bush Yellow - Greenscape Daisy Bush, Yellow
Dendrobium Orchid White -Greenscape Dendrobium Orchid, White
2'x 2' Floral Arrangement Floral Arrangement 2’x 2′
3' x 3' Floral Arrangement Floral Arrangement 3’x3′
4' x 4' Floral Arrangement Floral Arrangement 4’x4′
1' x 1' Floral Arrangement Floral Arrangement, 1’x1′
Ginger Torch Stem Red -Greenscape Ginger Torch, Red
Heliconia Stem Red Yellow -Greenscape Heliconia, Red/Yellow
Hibiscus Bush Yellow -Greenscape Hibiscus Bush, Yellow
Hydrangea Bush Blue - Greenscape Hydrangea Bush, Blue
Phalaenopsis Orchid Orange -Greenscape.jpg Phalaenopsis Orchid, Orange



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