Greenery Inventory

Agave Plant Agave Plant
Tropical Basegarden Basegarden, Tropical
Tropical Basegarden Basegarden, Tropical
Tuscan Basegarden Basegarden, Tuscan
Westcoast Basegarden Basegarden, West Coast
Greenscape Design Boxwood Mat 10 inch Boxwood Mat, 10 inch
Desert Basegarden Desert Basegarden
Dieffenbachia Plant Dieffenbachia Plant
Fern Fall Colours Fern, Fall Colour
Greenscape Design Fern Green Groundcover Fern, Green
Fountain Grass 40 inches tall Fountain Grass 40″ Tall
Foxtail Reed Grass - Greenscape Foxtail Reed Grass
Grass Bush Green Grass Bush, Green, 20″ Tall
Greenscape Design Ivy Garland 5' Ivy Garland, 5′ long
Greenscape Design Ivy Groundcover Ivy, Green
Greenscape Design Kelp Garland - Coral Kelp Garland, Coral
Greenscape Design Kelp Garland - Green Kelp Garland, Green
Greenscape Design Moss Mat Groundcover Moss Mat
Onion Grass Bundle Green Onion Grass Bundle, Green
Onion Grass Burgundy Onion Grass, Burgundy, 18″ Tall
Greenscape Design Pothos Groundcover Pothos Groundcover
Snake Grass and Reed Bush Snake Grass and Reed Bush
Spathiphylum Peace Lily Plant Spathiphylum Peace Lily Plant
Split Leaf Philodendron Plant Split Leaf Philodendron Plant
Sweet Bay Topiary Sweet Bay Topiary
Sword Grass Olive Green Sword Grass, Olive Green
Greenscape Design Astro Turf Rolls Turf Rolls, Astro
Vanilla Grass Black - Greenscape Vanilla Grass, Black
Vanilla Grass Green Vanilla Grass, Green
Spring Wreath Wreath, Floral



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