Hedges and Bushes

Aspen Aspen Bush
Beech Bush - green Beech Bush, Green
Beech Bush Variegated Beech Bush, Variegated
Greenscape Design Boxwood Hedge 3' x 4' Boxwood Hedge, 3′ x 4′
Greenscape Design Boxwood Hedge 8x4 Boxwood Hedge, 4′ x 8′
Camellia Bush Camellia Bush
Croton Bush Croton Bush
Fiscus Bush Ficus Bush
Natural Wood Lattice 8' x 4' Lattice, Natural, 4×8
Mahona Bush Mahonia Bush
Nandina Bush Nandina Bush
Twig Panel Brown Greenscape Twig Panel, Brown
Twig Panel white Greenscape Twig Panel, White
Natural Wood Lattice 8' x 4' Wooden Trellis, Natural



  • #DIYFriday heck yes! It's fall, so of course we're getting into some fall inspired DIY's, like this leaf wreath, duh!https://t.co/tuJ7R616Rb
    October 20
  • Miniature paper plants! We love mini, and love artificial in new and creative ways. Just love this! https://t.co/06FJK1TaLM
    October 19
  • Love a raised garden bed, especially with recycled and alternative materials. https://t.co/H06bTkx0rp
    October 18