Tree Inventory

Alder Alder Tree
Greenscape Design Areca Palm 8' Areca Palm
Aspen Aspen Bush
Aspen Yellow Aspen Tree, Yellow
Greenscape Design Black Bamboo Poles Bamboo Poles, Black
Greenscape Design Bamboo Poles - Natural Assorted Sizes Bamboo Poles, Natural, Assorted Sizes
Greenscape Design Red Bamboo Poles Medium Bamboo Poles, Red
Greenscape Design Bamboo Tree - Green Cane Bamboo Tree, Green Cane
Bayleaf Triple Ball Topiary Bayleaf Triple Ball Topiary
Beech Bush - green Beech Bush, Green
Beech Bush Variegated Beech Bush, Variegated
Greenscape Design Pine Bonsai Tree Bonsai Tree, Pine
Greenscape Design Boxwood Ball 12 inch Boxwood Ball, 12″
Greenscape Design Boxwood Hedge 3' x 4' Boxwood Hedge, 3′ x 4′
Greenscape Design Boxwood Hedge 8x4 Boxwood Hedge, 4′ x 8′
Greenscape Design Boxwood Cone Obelisk Topiary 8' Tall Boxwood Topiary, Cone Obelisk 8′ Tall
boxwood pyramid topiary Boxwood Topiary, Pyramid on Greystone Pedestal
Boxwood Single Ball Topiary Boxwood Topiary, Single Ball
Greenscape Design Boxwood Ball Topiary - Single 24inch Boxwood Topiary, Single Ball 24″
Greenscape Design Boxwood Spiral Topiary 5' Tall Boxwood Topiary, Spiral 5′ Tall
Boxwood Spiral Topiary Boxwood Topiary, Spiral On Greystone Pedestal
Camellia Bush Camellia Bush
Canadian Maple Fall Canadian Maple Tree, Fall
Canadian Maple Canadian Maple Tree, Green
Greenscape Design Canopy Tree - Willow Natural Trunk Canopy Tree – Willow with Natural Trunk
Greenscape Design Canopy Tree Willow with Foam Trunk Canopy Tree, Willow with Foam Trunk
Greenscape Design Cedar Topiary 6' Cedar Topiary, Pyramid
Cedar Pyramid Topiary Cedar Topiary, Pyramid
Cedar Spiral Topiary Cedar Topiary, Spiral
Cherry Blossom Pink Cherry Blossom Tree, Pink
Cherry Blossom White Cherry Blossom Tree, White
Pine Christmas Tree Christmas Tree, Pine
Column Cactus Column Cactus
Croton Bush Croton Bush
Dracaena Marginata Tree Dracaena Marginata Tree
Fiscus Bush Ficus Bush
Fiscus Ficus Tree
Hazelnut Hazelnut Tree
Horse Topiary Horse Topiary
Japanese Maple Japanese Maple Tree, Green
Japanese Maple - red Japanese Maple Tree, Red
Greenscape Design Lady Finger Palm Tree 8' Lady Finger Palm Tree, 8′
Natural Wood Lattice 8' x 4' Lattice, Natural, 4×8
Mahona Bush Mahonia Bush
Nandina Bush Nandina Bush
Oak Oak Tree
Greenscape Design Paper Birch Tree - LED 48 inch Paper Birch Tree, LED 48 inch
Greenscape Design Phoenix Palm Phoenix Palm
Retuse Topiary Retusa Topiary
Double Potted Robelini Palm Tree Robellini Palm, Double Potted
Silver Birch Silver Birch Tree
Greenscape Design Snow Blanket Snow Blanket
Sweet Bay Topiary Sweet Bay Topiary
Texan Cactus Texan Cactus
Greenscape Design Tropical Vignette Tropical Vignette
Twig Panel Brown Greenscape Twig Panel, Brown
Twig Panel white Greenscape Twig Panel, White
Willow Willow Tree
Natural Wood Lattice 8' x 4' Wooden Trellis, Natural
Yucca Tree Yucca Tree



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