Greenscape Design Areca Palm 8' Areca Palm
Greenscape Design Black Bamboo Poles Bamboo Poles, Black
Greenscape Design Bamboo Poles - Natural Assorted Sizes Bamboo Poles, Natural, Assorted Sizes
Greenscape Design Red Bamboo Poles Medium Bamboo Poles, Red
Greenscape Design Bamboo Tree - Green Cane Bamboo Tree, Green Cane
Dracaena Marginata Tree Dracaena Marginata Tree
Greenscape Design Lady Finger Palm Tree 8' Lady Finger Palm Tree, 8′
Greenscape Design Phoenix Palm Phoenix Palm
Double Potted Robelini Palm Tree Robellini Palm, Double Potted
Greenscape Design Tropical Vignette Tropical Vignette
Yucca Tree Yucca Tree



  • #DIYFriday heck yes! It's fall, so of course we're getting into some fall inspired DIY's, like this leaf wreath, duh!
    October 20
  • Miniature paper plants! We love mini, and love artificial in new and creative ways. Just love this!
    October 19
  • Love a raised garden bed, especially with recycled and alternative materials.
    October 18