Artificial Green Walls

  • Client: Artificial Vertical Gardens
  • Industry: Various
  • Location: Various

Greening your space has never been easier with artificial green walls. Also known as vertical gardens, this indoor/outdoor green option is making huge waves, and people are getting on board. An artificial green wall is maxing out the green benefits, with no maintenance, bugs, pesticides, replacing dying plants, irrigation systems etc, we can build you the green wall of your dreams that is installed at maximum lush-ness, and exactly the look your design sensibilities desire.

The options of greenery types, styles of wall, frames or no frames and types of frames, minimalist and wild forest type design we will create a look unique to any other green wall.

Contact us today to conceptualize a green wall of your dreams for your indoor or outdoor space.

Large Scale Artificial Green Wall

We created this huge artificial green wall – think 20′ x 20′ – too big to get it all in one photo – for a film shoot. Get up close and personal with almost all of the options to choose for greenery, the options are endless.

Whether you want to turn an empty space into a fertile oasis, or just add some finishing touches to a room or entryway, we are your custom décor experts.

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