Cork Challenge at IDS West

For IDS West 2010 we entered their design challenge, which is a similar concept to the Iron Chef—you are given a special “ingredient” and then you create something great. We were selected to participate and a week later, our inspirational ingredient arrived: a box of wine corks!

Our Concept:
Stop and Smell the Roses

The last couple of years have been a challenge for all of us in many different ways—some struggled with a sluggish economy, some faced new challenges, some were surrounded by overwork and chaos.

Our exploration of this cork themed design challenge lead us to evaluate the depth of our life experience in the past year. Cork is invaluable for its certain unique characteristics of impermeability, buoyancy, elasticity and fire resistance—qualities we recognize that we embraced personally and in business in order to overcome a difficult year and not get burned!

We also recognized as a team perhaps we worked too hard, didn’t play enough, showed love too little – but this project had a profound impact on bringing us closer together to remind us of what is important and to identify how we can make even small changes that will allow us to reflect, rejuvenate, and celebrate.

Our company aspires to transform spaces and create experiences—hopefully our installation will inspire you to take a moment to stop and smell the roses.

Whether you want to turn an empty space into a fertile oasis, or just add some finishing touches to a room or entryway, we are your custom décor experts.

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