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If it feels like your project doesn’t fit in the typical potted greenery, replica tree, hedges and plants, or even individual decor piece, we have a specilized group of design experts that can fulfill any of the out of the box requests you have. Here are some recent projects we worked on that were custom displays or promotional installations, and everything in between.

Contact us today and let’s create something super out of the box!

West Coast Boardroom

For our client, they wanted the lush beauty of a west coast rainforest to inspire their team to be able to collaborate in a space that was inviting, relaxing and calming yet wanted a low maintenance, easy to clean solution. Sometimes fake is better! From artificial turf flooring to west coast backdrops, artificial trees and greenery to complement the room decor, a west coast boardroom oasis was created!

Pediatric Dental Centre Décor

One of our latest fun projects was a revamp of the Surrey location of the Monarch Pediatric Dental Centre. Monarch strives to provide a child friendly, positive environment where children look forward to coming and professionals deliver high quality dental service.To help facilitate their goal of building healthy and happy smiles, we transformed the office into a magical tropical jungle. By incorporating custom designed trees and playful elements such as birds, frogs, rainforest tree-stump seating and a whimsical butterfly chandelier, we created a trusting and enchanting experience for children and families to enjoy.

Capilano University Student Lounge

A student lounge never looked so cool! At Capilano University we created a cedar log art installation in the student union lounge. Incorporating light and natural products, it’s a modern West Coast feel. One of many of the out of the box type projects that we would love to help you bring to light in your space.

Whether you want to turn an empty space into a fertile oasis, or just add some finishing touches to a room or entryway, we are your custom décor experts.

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