Midsummer Night’s Dream – VanDusen

  • Client: Enchanted Garden
  • Industry: Social Event
  • Location: VanDusen Botanical Garden

This Midsummer Night’s Dream themed event took place on the Great Lawn at VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the gardens, Greenscape had to make sure the guests were transported to an even more magical enchanted garden for this high profile dinner event.  A 10’ tall bronze fountain filled the air with the scent of fresh, fragrant irises. Impressive 30’ tall artificial white cherry blossom trees flanked both sides of a 60’ x 30’ stage.  The stage and lighting trusses were dripping with lavender, purple, and white florals and greenery.  Four faux willow trees were placed around the perimeter of the guest tables to create a more intimate space.  As the sun slowly sunk over the horizon, the inspiring lighting design took shape and the performers filled the night with song as our team worked quickly and quietly to stake 300 shepherds hooks with votive lanterns to light a path back down the hill to guide the guests safely back to the main entrance of the Garden.

This portion of the event took place in the Lath House at the VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver.  Our team meticulously wove artificial purple and white wisteria blooms to the overhead natural vines to transform this 100′ x 30′ arbour.  Over sixty white lanterns were hung on purple and white ribbons throughout the space, interspersed amongst the delicate wisteria.  Keeping with the whimsical garden theme, we custom designed 3ft diameter wooden tree slab “cookies” on natural tree trunks to be used a cocktail tables, with wooden tree stumps topped with white and lavender cushions for the stools.  Greenscape Design & Decor can bring an outdoor space back to its springtime prime long after the real blooms have faded by seamlessly blending artificial botanicals in with existing real greenery!  Contact us to add colour and “life” to your outdoor space for your event.

For the final after party at this private event, elegant magnolia trees added warmth and beauty to the Great Hall at VanDusen Botanical Gardens. The feature wall was a chandelier of natural wooden tree “cookie” slabs, framed in luxurious white hydrangeas.   Contact us for more natural wood decor rental ideas for your next event!

Whether you want to turn an empty space into a fertile oasis, or just add some finishing touches to a room or entryway, we are your custom décor experts.

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