West Coast Woodland

The Rocky Mountaineer Station is a breathtaking space with expansive ceilings and windows, which allow for a ton of natural lighting. For this event, our client requested that we recreate the experience of walking through the forest. Our team designed large woodland vignettes, including live cedar trees to add a forest aroma to the space. Real dried leaves scattered on the floor throughout the entire space helped achieve an authentic forest impression. Custom designed centrepieces comprised of real silver birch poles, rocks, and moss added just the right touch of rustic simplicity. Our design team also created a custom stand for the front door that displayed fresh cedar saplings that were individually wrapped in burlap for the event attendees to take away with them.

Whether you want to turn an empty space into a fertile oasis, or just add some finishing touches to a room or entryway, we are your custom décor experts.

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