Exciting and memorable events shouldn’t cost the earth.
Support sustainable decor options and socially responsible practices to help protect & nourish our planet.
green is the new black!

Our Sustainable Vision

Did you know artificial “plantscaping”… is regarded as having a positive environmental impact through the reduction in water consumption & harmful pesticides required for both the end user and in nursery production & decorative flower farming?

… reduces carbon footprints by minimizing transportation needs of regular service & replacement of live plants & florals?

… wherever possible, we seek products and services identified as environmentally preferable in our internal practices and our
product manufacturing.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • 100% of our reused products are donated to charities, schools and associations.
  • more than 80% of our component parts can readily be recycled at the end of our rental inventory’s life span.
  • used electronic equipment is donated to the non-profit organization, Free Geek Vancouver.

  • extensive recycling program including paper, cardboard, soft plastics, wood products, mixed containers, batteries, printer toners and non bio materials
  • electronic delivery methods for communications whenever possible
  • 75% of our team use public transportation for work, meetings and tasks
  • filtered water cooler station instead of bottled water
  • partnering with transportation companies who utilize bio-diesel fuels, electric, or hybrid vehicles in their fleet

  • salvaged, refurbished or reused materials
  • use of solid wood, natural timbers or reclaimed wood avoids toxins found in particle board or plywood
  • imported woods used for specialty designs are sourced from renewable sources such as bamboo, grapevine and palm thatching
  • VOC-free paints, environmentally safe adhesives, and biodegradable cleaning products are used
    when possible
  • trees, plants and floral art primarily use domestically harvested natural wood or cane trunks with environmentally safe methods

  • products are easily repaired or redesigned so replacement is often avoided
  • superior construction and durable products means less replacement costs and reduced waste
  • custom designed trees are built in Canada with 60% natural and
    local materials
  • custom built wooden planters are made with 100% local and natural wood products
  • LEED-credit planter options, manufactured with post-consumer recycled materials, are available for commercial sales clients