Faux Trees for All Occasions (actually)

faux trees installation at the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre

Faux Trees for All Occasions (actually)

Recently, Greenscape had the opportunity to build 18 faux trees, grand in size and presence, for the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre.

The intent was to build trees indigenous to the province of Alberta for a luxe wedding in September. From there the trees would live in the convention centre, and be moved around for event decor or an ambient setting when meetings weren’t in session.

Greenscape greenery installation at the convention centre

It’s a huge space, so 18 trees with ceilings and event halls is fitting. We created six 12′ tall Mountain Ash trees, six 16′ tall Weeping Willow trees and six 20′ tall Birch trees. Yes, they look as striking as they sound.

With natural trunks and full canopies of artificial foliage, set in sleek fiberglass planters – the trees were designed, built, and shipped within three weeks of confirmation, a feat we thought was unattainable, but team Greenscape pulled it out with some of our best work yet.


We’re looking forward to seeing how the trees are utilized throughout the space and at more opportunities to work with the convention team on incorporating more greens.

We’ve been on a real “big tree” kick lately, it has nothing to do with these trees, but it’s a gorgeous Olive Tree installation we did at the new Flores and Pine restaurant in Calgary (formerly the well-known, Bears Den). We got to do three faux trees in this space, and we love them so much, and wanted share. As Oprah would say “you get a tree, and you get a tree, and you get a tree!”

? Faux Tree installation at the new Flores and Pine restaurant in Calgary

three faux trees at the Flores and Pine in Calgary

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