Beautiful Backdrops!

Beautiful Backdrops!

We have been having so fun much lately with all the beautiful backdrops we been creating.

Like this major beauty we built special for Deighton Cup in Vancouver a few weeks ago. We can?t get over how sunny and bright this one turned out to be.

This stunning wall is 32 feet of 3600 individually attached by hand, flower heads. Almost half are hand painted to match the yellow hues too.

After seeing the finished install, we want to use sunflowers all the time! Even the bees were convinced.

Continuing with the flower love, we just got this stunning all white flower wall in our rental inventory. It?s 8? wide and 8? tall and comes with a stand for easy install. The sides wrap around so all you see is beautiful flower wall finishing, no frame! You can also hang it flat from pipe and drape hardware to get 10? across, ideal for fitting ALL your friends in frame when taking flower wall selfies. Contact our rentals team today to see how you can incorporate it in your next event.

Finally ? this is the writers personal favourite (she might be biased) ? everyone knows Greenscape is a lover of green, but this artificial green wall went above and beyond incorporating all the tropical realness! This was so fun to design and execute, but getting to do an all tropical wall, was the cherry on the green wall sundae. It?s the first of its type for Greenscape, and we just want to do more. ?We can?t wait to see the full design all come together with the fun details that are still to come (you?ll have to go see it in person to know what we?re talking about ? Instagram worthy, for sure!)

Although you can?t have this exact green wall, no two green walls are the same, we can always be inspired by our own work, and make you something just as spectacular. Tell us about all your flower or tropical green wall aspirations.

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