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Music by Greenscape

It is an uncommonly known fact that the Greenscape team is compiled of professional musicians and generally passionately music-minded individuals. Our blood is green and we’ve got music running through it.

Why did it not occur to us to share all of our incredible music tastes with you sooner?! Great question, don’t have an answer, however we do have music to share now!

Check out our Spotify Playlist. We started with a curated list, featuring the entire Greenscape team as contributors, some of the jams getting us through isolation right now – it’s a bit of a mish-mash, but still some great vibes.

Individual team members have also curated their own playlists that we can’t stop hitting play on. Everything from favourite songs right this moment to New Wave Anthems.

We get real specific too, so there are songs for literally any occasion, everything from Songs to Hold Cats To and songs to listen to while running at night (by yourself because?.isolation).

Check out all of our playlists, follow us on Spotify, as we?ll continue to update our selections and compilations, and let us know your favourite playlists or if you want to collaborate and make some music together!

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