How Preserved Plants and Mosses Are Enhancing Interior Design

Preserved plants interior design

How Preserved Plants and Mosses Are Enhancing Interior Design

Plants are all the rage right now. Seriously. $750 for a Variegated Monstera Deliciosa? People can’t get enough of plants, and for good reason! There’s so much that greenery can add to your interior space. But plants don’t just look amazing, they make you feel good too. Did you know the presence of plants can reduce anxiety and relieve stress, as well as improve memory, mood, and boost creativity?

Preserved plants interior design

Yes, plants make an excellent addition to interior spaces, but there’s just one problem… they can be a handful when it comes to caring for them. When you add living plants to your interior decor, you have to work hard to keep them, well, living. What’s more, many plants are extremely picky about the types of environments you keep them in. They need a certain amount of sunlight, watering regularly, the right temperatures, and specific humidity levels. There are lots of benefits to living plants, but they limit your creativity when it comes to design because of their particular requirements.

So, what do you do if you want to incorporate plants into your interior decor but are struggling to do so with living plants?

Preserved plants are your solution! Using preserved plants in interior design is a new and upcoming trend, and it’s easy to see why. Preserved plants have all the beauty and vibrancy of real plants without the hassle and cost associated with keeping them alive. Incorporating preserved plants in interior design can add tremendous aesthetic value. But how do you use preserved plants in interior design to improve the look and feel of your space?

Commercial Uses of Preserved Plants

Preserved Plants for commercial interior design

Preserved plants in interior design have a ton of biophilic benefits and use in commercial spaces. They can make any space look more inviting, interesting, and memorable. Preserved plants are real, sustainably harvested and the preservation process allows the plants to keep their natural colours and textures so that your botanical design will always look fresh and vibrant. Transform a lobby with a lush wall of preserved greenery or create a wall garden or preserved moss ceiling panels that provides sound absorption in a noisy office or restaurant. Preserved plants increase productivity, improve mood and feelings of well-being, enhance employee engagement and help reduce mental fatigue.

One of the key reasons why preserved plants are so useful in commercial spaces is that they require no sunlight, water, irrigation or soil to keep them alive and they will never release pollen or spores for allergy sufferers. They’re very low maintenance. This means, for one, that they can be placed anywhere, you don’t need sunlight streaming into your office, let’s say. They also require such minimal upkeep that there’s no need to pay employees or caretakers to spend hours caring for your myriad of living plants. Using preserved plants in interior design can enhance guest experience and add a dramatic design element to any type of commercial space, such as hotels, restaurants, offices, malls… the list goes on!

Residential Uses of Preserved Plants

Preserved plants interior designs for residential uses
Incorporating preserved plants in interior design also adds to the enhancement of residential spaces. They have all the benefits in residences as they do in commercial spaces, as well as being a conversation piece for your guests. They can be put anywhere, they add intrigue, beauty, vibrancy. And, of course, they’re more versatile than live plants. Caring for live plants in your home can seriously add up, but with preserved plants, you don’t have to worry about hours of upkeep. You can even have stunning floral arrangements on display in your home 24/7 that never die!

Green and Moss Walls

Walls designed and created entirely out of plants are seriously in style. Why wouldn’t they be? With such a variety of colours and textures, they’re eye-catching and present a unique and creative way to add greenery to an area. Think artwork, but with plants, not paint!

There really is no limit to all the great ways that preserved plants can be used in interior design. The possibilities are endless. Plus, they’re a fraction of the cost of living plants, with little to no maintenance required!

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