Rumohra Circle


Lush and dramatic, the Rumohra Circle is completely handcrafted by our team in Burnaby, Canada using 100% preserved sheet style mosses, preserved mixed greenery, and circle frames in your choice of finish. Preserved without the use of chemicals using glycerin, natural oil and food grade dyes, our mosses and plants maintain their natural appearance for years with no maintenace. Recommended for indoor use in locations away from direct sunlight, heaters and air conditioners and in environments with relative humidity levels of 45-65%. Suitable for residential or commercial use.


Our different types of preserved mosses and plants provide great versatility and dimension, allowing for vibrant, biophilic, textural impact. Contact us for custom sizes, colours or greenery designs to suit your project.

Additional Information
Frame Colour

Walnut, White, Black


30 inch diameter

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