Safe and Healthy Spaces with Plexiglas Panels

customer service representative standing behind plexiglas panel assisting a customer

Safe and Healthy Spaces with Plexiglas Panels

With the spread of COVID-19 and businesses re-opening with restrictions while opening the economy back up, it’s important to support products that will aid in preventing the spread of the virus, creating and maintaining proper physical distance, and promoting safe and healthy work and public spaces. We want to help our community during this world-wide health crisis – and offer a product that will help promote safe and healthy distancing while interacting with your team, customers and community.

Greenscape launched a line of Personal Protection Panels – Plexiglas divider panels – in April 2020. Freestanding options or custom permanent fixtures are all available, with the options to add speaking holes and pass throughs to maintain a customer experience that is friendly and accessible, while still following health and safety recommendations.

male customer service representative standing behind countertop plexiglas panels with three checkout station, assisting a customer

There are options for floor standing or countertop panels, various sizes, constructed entirely of Plexiglas or with metal frames.

Panels can be custom cut to accommodate very specific layouts and requirements, and we can permanently install the panels or create custom freestanding solutions.

All panels are constructed with ¼” clear Plexiglas and stainless steel, making them easy to clean and sanitize regularly.





Greenscape is always your source for beautifying any space, and now we’re prioritizing health and safety. We will green your space and personalize your protection panels with logos, health and safety signage, decorative decals or live or artificial greenery. The personalization options are endless.

Check out our entire Personal Protection Panel line here or contact one of our team members to answer any questions you may have or seek assistance with a custom option.

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